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I just brought my nearly 6 week old baby a swing so we can put her down somewhere during the day as she doesn’t like being completely flat in the daytime, any tips on how to stop her laying like this with her head? The little pillow thing that come with it can’t be used as it pushed her chin down to her chest
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Don’t think there is an awful lot you can do other than trying to bring her down a little bit maybe / trying different positions. These swings are great but you will get people on here telling you not to leave her in there asleep. I do with mine all the time so long as I’m very close by and can see her at all times, but it’s something to be wary of compared to a crib/moses basket.

I just roll up a bib or small blanket and use it to prop babies head, just make sure you’re watching the baby!

The swings are great I supervise my son whilst he naps in it with the music playing and the swing chair rocking slowly and it works brilliantly x

This one is awful sorry. If you have the receipt take it back. By the time our lg could sit safely in it it was no longer safe to have her in it 🤷🏼‍♀️

@Amy yeah she’s never in it without anyone around because she’s such a little fidget i wouldn’t want to risk it even when strapped in lol

@Jolou this was what we chose in exchange for a bouncer we got that we hated, I honestly love it I just found she sometimes does lean when she falls asleep, other than that she loves being in there and seems very comfortable

I had a blanket I rolled up and used as a prop with my LO was still tiny

You can get those neck pillows that look like travel pillows! Never used one though . My little one is floppy headed too and I always feel bad for him !

@Lianne that’s a brilliant idea but I think it would push her head down to her chest

I put a thick blanket under her butt so it was a bit more flat and didn’t have such a distinct seat appearance to it

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