Feeding cow's milk when out

Sorry for the silly question, but how do we go about storing cow's milk when out and about? Are there any rules on how long cow's milk can stay out of the fridge? My LO drinks warm cow's milk but refuses it if it's cold, so also wondering how can i heat it up when out and about. If out for the whole day, would you bring an unsealed 500ml store bought milk?
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I’ve started asking in cafes/restaurants for a cup of warm milk and no one’s ever said no… yet!

I'm going to try and give her milk only morning and night, but if she still drinks milk during the day, I'll be getting some from cafés. Costa do free babycinos. If I'm out for a long time or say traveling, I think I might still have a ready to drink formula, I'm thinking the Aptamil 3 bottle, but that's only if we're on a plane or a long car journey

For during the day you could get those milk cartons like they have in schools they're usually uht so fine to be kept at room temp x

My baby doesn't have any milk during the day or morning. Only an evening bottle. Has plenty of custard, cheese and milk already in food

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