Am I tripping..or can any of you sometimes feel your baby’s heartbeat in your stomach? I’m 26wks now..
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I haven’t felt baby’s heartbeat but have definitely felt and seen my own more prominent in the stomach.

So I know what you're talking about - it's actually your increased bloodflow so it's your own heartbeat. I like to pretend it's theirs though x

Haha ooh okay thanks!! I was so confused and like…is this normal 🤔🤣

It could also be hiccups

@Kirsten awww…he has hiccups?

I also think it's hiccups ☺️

I heard It is possible to feel baby's heartbeat in 3rd trimester

I feel that all the time when my husband puts his head in my belly he can also hear the heart beat he says it’s super cool

Could be placenta maybe lol 😂 that beats, but I don’t know 😂

It’s probably hiccups

I have before

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