Teeth grinding

Anyone else’s baby have top two and bottom two teeth (top have literally just come through), and keep grinding them together? 🤢 Sound is awful and he’s constantly doing it
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YES!! I cannot stick the sound of it😂😂😂

Yep! I’m hoping it’s a novelty and will phase out

Same. It knocks me absolutely sick.

Yep! It's horrible 😩

YESSS! My LG has a dummy now constantly so that she doesn’t do this. I also find myself sticking my finger in her mouth to stop her

It makes me cringe so much I’m so hoping he stops soon 🤣🫠

I can confirm that it's a phase and will pass, my LO was doing it for about 2-3 weeks and have stopped after his 5th tooth has cut through. I think they do it when they feel discomfort due to other teeth making their way through

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