I’m 36wks and it’s currently 4:30 am where i’m at. I keep waking up. I went to bed at 10 was up a midnight. Forced myself back to sleep and have basically been awake every two hours. I couldn’t force myself back to sleep this last time… I’m still working full time so I know today is gunna suck… how yall surving?
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35 weeks. Can't remember the last time I woke up rested and jolly in the last month lol. It could also be due to being in a new bed for me lmaoo . Some tips from friends is to do a relaxing activity, warm tea, set the mood to sleep. If you're still having difficulty talk to your doctor. I think there's sleeping aids out there. I take unisom and B6 for nausea. That helps me sometimes.

I was 35 weeks yesterday an oh my gosh past three nights just can’t get any quality sleep up for a wee a billion times but just don’t settle guess little man getting me ready for nite feeds I’ve even tried the tart cherry 🍒 sleepy girl mocktail on tik tok xxx

Lucky 🍀 I’m on maternity now don’t regret taking it early at all good for the mental health prep xxx

I’m having a hard time staying sleep like it’s irritating because I’m tired

36 weeks here - insomnia, heartburn & the worst hip pain. also i’m ALL belly so it’s like heavy asf to maneuver 😭 i can’t imagine having to also go to work, sending all the good vibes your way 🫶🏼 you’re a rockstar

Tums for sure. & when I experienced super awful insomnia and restless leg syndrome I ate 2 full kiwis 🥝 before bed. It worked like a charm! They are naturally high in serotonin and melatonin. :) give it a try

I feel like I’m barely surviving lol My daughter and I share a room, I’ve got my bed and she’s got her toddler bed. Her bed makes so much noise when she moves in her sleep (she gets told not to jump on it, but she doesn’t like to listen at times 🙄) that it will wake me up, plus she talks in her sleep, and occasionally has night terrors. I get up to pee 3 or more times a night and I’ve been sleeping super light, which isn’t normal for me cus I usually sleep like the dead. Naps during the day are how I’m getting by

I’m 33 weeks and 2 days, and i definitely feel this… here recently, even if i stay up late, i always, somehow, end up waking up a couple or a few hours later. which is really weird for me, because i LOVE my sleep, and usually struggle to wake up when i do get plenty of sleep. 😂

Pregnancy pillow helped me a lot to sleep

I've been like this since 28w, now 36w

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