Third trimester and exhausted

Hi I’m nearly 30 weeks and I am so tired all my bloods have come back normal so not sure if this level of tiredness is normal?? I’ve been awake for an hour and I’m ready to go back to sleep I just cant seem to keep my eyes open. Is this normal???
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Following I’m 31 weeks and have just slept 11 hours ready to have a nap again

Following. Exhausted. It's a joke. I get showered, ready for the day and eat breakfast and then I'm falling asleep at my laptop by 9am!

Feel the same!

You are growing a whole human ! It’s so normal to be exhausted, I wouldn’t worry especially considering your bloods are fine and in good health ? Some women aren’t as tired and some women are absolutely drained.. try not to compare and remember you are growing your baby ❤️

Hey I’m 31 weeks to and feel the same way but had a hour or so nap during the day yesterday and my gosh it’s made a difference. I think the tiredness definitely catches up on you xxx

Some days I have energy but today I have none and I feel like crap Jusy made lunch and I feel sick af now. I already have had to take time off work due to back pains and strain. So over it now I’m exhausted

I feel the same, im also 30 weeks. however, also getting struggled to sleep at night due to big stomach, leg cramps, hanger, etc😢

have you checked ferritine? which is not included in full blood count. its done upon request. That may be the cause,if your having other signs too x

30 weeks and also shattered again! My bloods & glucose came back great so I’m assuming it’s just interrupted sleep when I need the loo and the general effort my body is putting in to make a human 😅

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