What does breast tenderness feel like?

Hi! I just found out I am pregnant after a mmc in October and a chemical pregnancy in February. I am really excited but also nervous about another mmc. I am only 4 weeks + 6 days. I am tired and nauseous and my boobs were fuller with some sharp pains a few days ago. But now they don’t feel as heavy and every once in a while seem sensitive as opposed to tender. Is this normal?
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Hey I was the exact same, they just kinda hurt if I touched them or knocked them when I was that early on I went through stages of them not hurting to killing me to not hurting again!

Mine felt super heavy and almost bruised! I had to brace myself to stand up because the gravity and weight of them really hurt me! It’s calmed down now but it definitely comes and goes! Xx

In my 4th week I had soreness and shooting pains. After the 5th week I never had any more shooting pains and just had sore boobs that got worse. Just sore to the touch, sore to run fown the stairs lol. But some days they feel mostly fine

@Bryony how long were the stages of them not hurting? Was it a couple of days or hours? Yhhh mine are more sensitive around the nipple but they haven’t been sore to touch for a few days now. Really helpful to know the inconsistency is normal!

@Elle really looking forward to it getting worse to be honest! More pain hopefully means a growing bub!

To be fair mine could last days where they didn’t hurt at all and then all of sudden the pain would be back I’m 28 weeks now and still exactly the same they can go days without hurting and then boom it’s back with a vengeance! If it’s anything you’re really worried about get yourself checked with your past etc they will be quicker to look and will be able to let you know if everything is okay still xx

@Bryony I think EPU will be sick of me soon enough 😂 yes they have said they will see me for an assurance scan in 2 weeks time because they won’t seen anything this early on but the days seem to drag! Thank you for the reassurance!

Yeh I understand that. I freak out anytime I think a symptom has gone. My boobs felt totally fine this morn and my nausea was gone. I had a scan booked this morn anyway and all is good 🥰 (I’m 7.5 weeks so not meant to be in this group, was just browsing lol)

I’m sure it’s fine ahaha! I was the same always felt the need to call them etc!! I hope the scan goes okayy I’m sure you will be absolutely fine 💕💕

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