Urine Infection

Has anyone had a urine infection and how did you get rid of it?
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You need antibiotics or it could lead to other things

@Mia I’m wondering if it can be treated naturally!

Depends how serious the infection is

While pregnant you can’t treat a UTI naturally, the risks are too high. You need to get antibiotics to treat the infection, and make sure it doesn’t become a more serious infection like a kidney infection or sepsis. There are plenty of ways to help with the symptoms, such as drinking lots of water, spraying lukewarm water on your vagina while you wee to help with stinging, but you really need to get a course of antibiotics from your doctor or midwife, and ideally need to get a culture test on the infection to make sure it’s treated properly. I had a UTI a few weeks ago (around 9 weeks) and only had to take antibiotics for a week, and it’s all cleared up. It’s just better safe than sorry! Xx

cranberry juice helps me so much

I work in microbiology (we deal with the samples and look at the best antibiotics for patients) and I wouldn’t suggest treating naturally, you will be prescribed antibiotics that are best for you and your baby and that will help clear the infection up x

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