how long do you give calpol after immunisations
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Most babies are okay without calpol after 24 hours if they’ve been given the a dose every 4/6 hours, so 4 max. Some babies might still be a bit warm or grouchy so may need another one after the 24 hours is up. It’s mainly just for the fever

Depending on the child’s well-being. I gave her a caprol twice. The first time half an hour before the vaccine and the second time four hours later, the third time didn’t give because in my opinion everything was okay. She wasn’t crying, she wasn’t sleepy, she was acting normally.

Mine had her jabs on Tuesday and I gave her Calpol on the first day as per the instructions. Yesterday, on the second day, I took her temp at each nappy change and if it looked like it was rising I gave her another dose, but she only ended up having one dose yesterday and her temp today seems to be back to normal.

I gave my baby every 4 hours through out the day and night and he was fine the next morning

I gave 3 doses after his 8 week jabs he didnt have a temp and was fine so didnt feel any more was necessary Hes just had his 12 week jabs this morning and as its not the meningitis b jab he doesnt necessarily need it, nurse said i could give one dose if i felt necessary as his legs could be sore from the needles but so far i havent and hes fine💗

3 doses every 4-6h after the 8 week ones. 12 week jabs later today, and as Roisin said above, as there’s no Men B- which is the main culprit for a fever and irritability at the 8/16w ones, it may not be necessary today. Just going to see how he goes!

I give it just before the injections and then for 24 hours and keep checking temp thereafter and assess if more doses are needed xx

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