Nappy keeps leaking.

I don't know what to do. Can anyone recommend a diaper or pull-up that works? I am trying to potty train too. But every night, I have to change her whole bedding and PJs. I have just changed her diaper size 5, and it leaked in 10 minutes. Thanks
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Try going up a size, I had the same issue and put her up to a 6 and I've had no more leaks!

I either double nappy (normal on first then a pull up on top) or I go in about 11ish at night and change him. I haven't been able to find any that don't leak at night 😔

We were leaking with pampers so Changed my daughter to tescos own pull ups and they’ve been a game changer! No more leaks! In the nights I use rascal & friends

Thank you all for the advice. Will definitely take them all on board.

Sainsburys nappies work for us as long as my daughter hasn't had a big drink of water an hour before bed. Check the vest and sleepsuit/pj's are not tight around the nappy. I had to change my daughter and her bedding at 5.15 Tuesday morning because she was soaked, that's never happened before, I then realised she had a drink at 8.20pm and her sleepsuit was a bit snug x

Will check her sleepsuit, too. I have just put her in Leggings and a jumper dress. Her dad normally puts her to bed as I work evenings. Will tell him not to offer her any drink an hour before to see if this helps. Thanks, guys.

Pampers dry might pull ups is only thing that’s worked for me

Pampers dry night pull ups is only thing that’s worked for me

Try going to size 6

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