Dropping teasers now!

I’m really excited guys, amazing how many people have said they’d be up for it! I’ve put together a little run through and why we’re doing it 🥰❤️ In my mum opinion we don’t have enough support anymore from our nuclear families a lot of the time so let’s support each other, i know any child i come across I’d treat like my own and any mum i come across i can put myself in her shoes in almost any situation. we need a bit more of that 🥲
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This is such an amazing idea! 💙

@Skyelah yeah i think so! And I’m so grateful the boss man has let me run with it, hopefully if the first meet goes well and we get a good turn out we can make it a regular thing especially now the suns starting to make an appearance!! AND the alpaca babies are due in June!!! X

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