Will fast let down get better? Very upset baby

The last four days my 6 week old has been wrenching and crying and pulling off the breast. The crying while feeding is heartbreaking. I've been trying laid back feeding and putting a lot of pressure on my boobs to try to restrict flow with limited success. When he comes off I squeeze the breast and a jet of milk comes out. It must be awful for him. Will it get better? What else can I do? I was told not to pump as it will stimulate more milk and make the issue work. I feel so bad for my wee guy and feeding also takes so so much longer. A
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It should get better. In the meantime you could use a haaka to simply get the let down out and then latch baby so the flow isn’t too overwhelming for them

I'm going to order one asap. Is that to use before latching him at all, so before feeding starts? I can't feel the let down so anything like that would be a huge help. I've been told pumping will make it worse but is that true?

Sounds like I could have written this. Facing the same issue. Baby is 7 weeks. I try to express some before starting the feeding session so she starts off fine but midway when another let down comes up she gets fussy and angry again. :(

They eventually get used to it. Try nursing in a reclined position it helps to use gravity

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