Feeding to sleep

Any one else struggle with getting their baby to sleep? If we’re indoors he’ll point blank refuse to nap unless he has boob to get him asleep! He’s now coming up to 4 months so I know now is the time to try and encourage him to self sooth, but how 😩😩 tried dummies & he refuses every time!!
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No advice but very much in a similar boat, no idea how to break the feed to sleep cycle!

@Ellie I don’t mind the last feed at night it’s just during the day 😩😩😩

@Stephanie we do a bottle for his last feed which we always have done but in the day it’s so tough! If he’s with his dad he’ll take him for a walk and fall asleep but with me he’ll kick off without the boob!

My eldest fed to sleep until he was 2. It doesn’t create bad habits and he’s a great sleeper now so there’s no reason to stop if you’re both happy.

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