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Hey guys! I am a first time mom and I don't know what is the best way to go about this My daughter is 8 months old. Since i can remember her sleeping through the night she won't fall asleep until midnight /2 am and sleep until noon. No matter what we have tried (30 mins earlier each night and waking her up earlier, cutting naps etc.) She won't actually sleep until the early hours of the morning. I am at a loss of what to do... any tips on what we can Do. Once it is midnight- 2 and we put her down to sleep she is really good at staying asleep throughout the night. We just need her to go to bed earlier for our sanities lol.
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Same problem with my 8 week old I hope it doesn’t last that long 😭

This can be the beginning of a sleep cycle flip. Where baby sleeps all day but then is up all night. Never had that issue but maybe talk to her pcp and see if there is anything medical you can do to help. They may say a low low dose of melatonin but again I’ve never had this happen. Good luck mama.

We had the same thing around 4mo old. What helped us was around 7pm…. Bath, cut all the lights except one dim one while getting dressed for sleep, bottle while we read or sing sleep lullaby, then we lay down together and I place a blanket over him while he plays with his stuffed panda, while he plays I turn on Disney sleeping instrumental music and stroke his hair and talk in a very low voice. This usually got him to relax and calm down. After about 30-45min he got tired and we snuggled until he was almost asleep and then I would swaddle and rock him until he was falling asleep again in my arms. I would put him in the crib and sit beside it until he fell asleep. — this way if he struggled I was right there but in sight, sometimes have to sing him back to being calm.

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