Travelling alone with baby to France

Hi, i got a query. We have booked tickets as a family (my partner, myself and my 3 month old baby) to go to France to visit family. There is a possibility that the father may not be able to come with us due to work. I wondered whether I am still able to travel alone to France with my baby. Would I need an official notarised letter with farther’s consent to travel? He has parental responsibility as he is on birth certificate but the baby has my surname not the father’s surname. Thank you
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I've been told that if I want to take my LO abroad I will need a letter from the father.

@Jai is it a letter that the father can write and sign? Or does it need to be done through solicitors office?

My understanding is as long as no contact order in place then you can do as you please. Even then whoever has permanent residence of the child doesn't need permission if its a trip under 2 weeks.

I have travelled twice without my kids father I write a letter stating dates we are away and that I consent my children to travel out the country then their dad signs and dates I take their birth certificates which match the letter and have my name on I have never had to show the letter or birth certificates but have just incase as wouldn’t want it to stop us from going on holiday

@Jai is that only if he is on birth certificate

You shouldn’t need permission if it’s only a couple of days 😌 but if I was you I would get a written letter tho just incase unless you’ve been through court. As I went through court and because my daughter lives with me that courts stated I’m allowed to take her out of the country up to 28 days without permission

@Rachel I think so, but I don't know how strict airlines does it say something when they scan the passport? And you could quite easily write your own letter and "sign" it 🤷🏼‍♀️

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