Antenatal classes?

Hi everyone!! Just looking for some antenatal classes around torbay - especially for both partners. I can’t seem to find anything!! Thanks 🤍✨
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I’m having the same problem, I’ve started doing online classes. There’s the positive birthing company that do various courses which are about £39 for 6 virtual classes but I started following 0 to 19 Torbay on Facebook and they shared a free virtual course you can do, I just followed the link ☺️ hope that helps xx

Me and my partner went to our first NCT class in Totnes last night (closest one in the evenings we could find) £269 for 5x 3hour classes. Informative for both partners and nice to meet women at the stage of pregnancy - there will also be a WhatsApp group for us all and reunion after the babies are born

There is a free breastfeeding masterclass once a month at the TREC/Torbay hospital.. seems to be the only free thing! Ask your midwife and she can give you the info for it x

There’s some being advertised on the 0-19 Torbay Facebook page as “starting soon”, not sure how soon but might be worth looking into? x

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