What do you miss?

Thought it would be a fun thread! What do you miss the most from before you had kids and what do you miss the least! For me: Most: quiet mornings just sat drinking a coffee waking up for the day 👌🏻 ☕️ Least: work! Going on Mat leave has made me realise how much I actually hated my job. So much stress for very little payout.
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Most: sleep 🥹😂😂 Least: I'll have to agree with you, definitely don't & won't ever miss working. Although, I hated it before maternity leave 🫣🤭

Most: i miss cooking & baking (i still do it but obviously dont have as much time - this was always my hobby!) Least: depression! I always used to feel so sad before my little girl, now i have never had a sad day since her! Defo don’t miss going to work everyday either (i work 1 day now) ❤️

Miss : Sleeping in Least : Never want to work again 😂

Most - unpopular opinion but working😂 I love my job, it’s how I unwind too. And not having to cook so much! Least - not always having company. The house feels so empty & lonely when he’s not here, I hate it

I miss sofa days. We used to love just having a lazy day binging films etc. No chance of a lazy day with a child! I definitely enjoy my life no longer revolving around work, it feels like we live in the ‘normal’ world like everyone else now.

Most: besides naps definitely going out spontaneously without having to plan every second of the day plus childcare Least: nights out and partying in general. As a young mum I thought I’d miss it but actually don’t

Most: just being able to do/go wherever at whatever time Least: work. Sometimes I think I miss it but I think it’s the social side more than anything

Most: sleeping without constant anxiety Least: having to go to work for 6:30 a.m. every day

Most: uninterrupted snuggling with my husband (cringe but idk) Least: work and actually being pregnant

Most, sleep and having that lie in. Watching a movie uninterrupted. Least; work. The hours, stress, meetings and chasing up deadlines! 😵‍💫

I miss being able to eat my own food at time 🥲😅 now I always have to get a big bowl to put alot of food on it to share with both my kids. It’s crazy that’s the only way my daughter will eat right 🥲 I do not miss working a regular job 💖☺️

Most: a quiet coffee and going for an undisturbed shower 😅 Least: people constantly asking if I’m okay 😅 people always ask when you’re pregnant! It got abit much, even just getting up off the sofa lol

Yes - the peace and quiet! Going out for food/drinks whenever I want. Baking!

What i miss the most is sleeping in late.... what i miss the least is hangovers

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