Anyone else’s baby not sitting unsupported yet?

Mine will for about 5 seconds IF he’s concentrated looking forward before he falls or if he’s distracted by something there’s no chance.
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My little boy sat by himself at about 6.5 months where as my little girl has been sitting by herself since 5 months so I just think all babies are different. You could practice sitting with him with something light weight next to him and behind him so he can’t fall that’s what I done with my daughter for a little while quite a lot and do believe that’s how she managed to sit up when she did x

I also put toys in front of her to distract her and for her to play with and found that helped x

Mine can't yet, but he does have a fair sized head which doesn't help 😂

He’ll get there. Every baby is so different and they do stuff in their own time🙂x

Mines can’t either only a few seconds and really needs something beside her x

My daughter is 6.5 months and only sits for about 10 seconds then she kinda folds herself forward x

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