Anyone’s period not come back yet? (Formula feeding, 17 weeks post partum)
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I bled for 3 months straight and haven’t had a period again yet, also formula feeding and 17 weeks pp

Nope mine is missing too! X

Nope. I'm breast feeding but it's been over 4 months x **edited** I breast and formula feed x

Mine hasn’t come back yet and baby is 4 months and 2 days. (Expressed milk + formula as my milk production isn’t great anymore)

Mines not come back yet I’m 17 weeks pp Saturday I was combi feeding first 10 weeks so assuming it’s to do with that but he’s been formula fed since and no period x

I went on the Mini pill for about a week and then off and got a period then. But otherwise none. EBF.

Mine finally came last week and it was heavyyyy

I’m bottle feeding, 16wks pp & my first one started on Monday & it’s so heavy! I went back on the pill 3wks ago so I think that’s kick started it x

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