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I have a 2 year old and work 16 hours, UC keep wanting me to go to job centre once a month and im fed up of it, its always on days I am working so have to reschedule and have to travel to the job centre with my child and its literally a 3 minute appointment if that they just take my name and see my ID and say its fine that Im not working more. Other people i know dont have to do this so cant understand it.
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I think it is because you are only working 16 hours and they are pushing those to work at least 30 hours or more, aka full time. I am not asked to go to the job centre as I work full time but I sympathise it isn't east traveling with little ones as I had to go there twice in the beginning to prove ID etc and taking 2 under 2 was a challenge. Is there a way you can increase your hours perhaps and talk to your work coach about it ? I think because your little one is 2 they expect by the time your little one turns 3 or 4 that you work 30 hours then

When I had to go there. I was pushed to look for work for 25 hours plus. Had to agree to it. Once you earn about £700 not sure of the exact amount then you don't have to keep going any more. I work 16 hours but also do an as and when job. I had the same problem

Tell them you’ll lose your job. Worth these constant appointments it’s ridiculous!!!! You have to go higher up the chain and contact somone in a high position

@Sadie is this what it is now or what it's changing to? X

@Kat I work 20 hours, would that be okay?

@Megan that's what it is now, I don't think they've said when the minimum earnings is changing yet x

I work 20 hours a week and have done for years; UC have never asked me to go in for a meeting 🙃 They have never pushed for me to work more hours 🤷🏼‍♀️

I have a 2 year old and only work a few hours a week. I've not been asked to go to the job centre. Not sure why you have?

@Jade it's a new thing that's coming in, or it has just come in, times are changing and we'll if everyone got jobs and worked more hours surely they'd be lay offs as jc won't need the amount of people it already has xx

@Suzanne - also we’re not all fortunate to work full time as I’m a single mom so I have to be available for the school run, therefore full time isn’t an option for me. Maybe that’s why they haven’t questioned me as they are aware I have 2 children and they are in nursery and primary school 🤷🏼‍♀️

@Karla this is the issue I have! Childcare is so limited where I live, my youngest is only 7 months but when he turns 3 I'll be expected to work 30 hours but they don't think of the stress some of us have with no childcare during the holidays...are we expected to magically pull childcare out of our backsides x

@Jade they are making allowances for certain circumstances, like I've gone for a job in a care home so can only work the days I can work and it may not even mount to 30 hours not to mention the weekends

@Megan depends on your earnings

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