GD - what treats can I have?

Just got diagnosed with GD(uk) had the information session with midwife and dietitian etc. I’m really craving a sweet treat such as chocolate can I have this every now and again or should it be cut out entirely? I have such a sweet tooth so completely gutted about this tbh, I don’t mind eating healthy but I do like to indulge here n there as well.
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Freddo bars are recommended as a snack between meals. I sometimes have half a biscuit with tea. Having fruit again as a snack can curb the sweet tooth. No sugar jelly pot and light vanilla ice cream have been my go to after dinner if my readings are OK.

Really dark chocolate. Anything above 70% coco has been fine for me. And no sugar jelly is a definite winner. Also I've found skinny crunch light bars are fab. The chocolate orange flavour are my go too. Aldi do a light hot chocolate aswell. Tastes great but has so much less sugar in it as a sweet drink it's my go to.

I’ve found chocolate to be fine for me. My blood sugar doesn’t spike (maybe because of all the fats), but alternative is chocolate/cocoa flavour things. I like mixing a big Tbsp of cocoa powder with milk, for me the sweetness of the milk is enough and it satisfies cravings. Also recommend date/nut/choc balls where dates sweeten it and it’s pretty healthy with coconut, oats, nuts or whatever else you want. This also keeps my levels low, but you may respond differently

Thank you all this is super helpful. I guess it’s trial and error with what works and doesn’t work and not to over so it I’ve literally just been diagnosed so am a bit overwhelmed by it all

double cream whiped with same quantity of greek yogurt with sprinkles of brown sugar and strawberries…. best pudding ever but also i get a really low read with it

I manage to have 4 cubes of milk chocolate, there is sugar free sweets on the till in aldi (they do have carbs in like 5G for 2 sweets so be careful), strawberries and cream is nice. Oooo I’ve seen people do sugar free digestives, cream cheese and strawberries like a cheese cake x

Pink wafer biscuits I believe are OK

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