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I’ve finally found my people ! Im now 5 weeks pregnant ✨ after finding out on the 24th of march it’s so hard keeping a secret got my first private scan next week so nervous ! Would love some mumma friends ❤️
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Congratulations 💙💝

Congratulations! I found out on 26th March (my mums birthday) and I find it so hard not to tell her!

@Harji aweee how are you planning on telling her 😅xx

@Kiara No idea! How are you telling your family? Maybe I’ll steal your ideas haha x

@Harji thinking of making them a box maybe with a small baby present that says their going to be an auntie /uncle not really sure though 😅 going to wait for my 10 week scan though x

@Kiara that’s a really cute idea. Have you seen reels on instagram where they gather their family to take a picture and they say “everyone say so and so is pregnant” and their reaction is caught on camera? I might do this with friends and non immediate family.

Congratulations! I’m 5 weeks today too and found out on the 22nd! Also got my private scan next week! Xx

Congratulations! I'm 4+5 and found out on the 25th 🥰

@Harji omg yess they’re super cute ! Xx

@Alana aweee congratulations 🥳 xx

Congratulations 🤍

Congratulations!! I’m 5w+3 today!!! We could set up a 5week group 😂

@Keri that sounds so good!! Xx

@Sophie thank youu sweet x

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