Can we please normalize babies that still wake up during the night? I have a 7.5 month old who wakes 3-4 hourly overnight for settling or feeds which I’ve been told by nurses is great, and yet all I seem to hear about are babies sleeping through. Is anyone else still waking overnight too? Please make me feel more normal!
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8 month old here - not even close to sleeping through the night! So much easier when you accept that this is normal

@Eve thank you Eve! How often are you up overnight?

8 month old we have had 4 wakes in the last 2-3 hours of sleep. Most nights are only 1-2 wakes but these last couple of days have been rough. She's also trying to drop a nap so we have had 2 nap days and nights are a bit rougher.

13 month old wakes between 2 and 4 times every night with no signs of sleeping through, ever 😆🥱

My lad is a little younger (6mo) but also wakes all night, I'm usually up for about 2+ hours across all 4 wake ups unless I bring him into my bed which is a habit I'm not wanting to have but it at least ensures that both bub and I get enough sleep for the next day.

It depends what you're normalising. Yours sounds normal definitely. But a baby that age waking hourly or even two hourly? People sometimes try to normalise that but that isn't normal. Honestly this is why most of the world cosleep. It's why I cosleep.

@Chelsea omg girlie get into cosleeping. It'll save you

My baby girl sleeps for around 3 hour stretches, but I’ve also found it better for my mental health if I don’t pay too much attention to the clock. My Mum loves to ask me every time I call her if baby is sleeping through yet (she did CIO raising us). I have decided that the easiest way to answer that is that shes sleeping like a baby and not elaborating further

11 month old… Goes to bed at 8 pm, wakes up at 1 am for a feed, then again 5 am for a feed and finally wakes up at 6 am. I think it’s completely normal. They have little stomach and they eat tiny portions… how can they not eat for 10-12 hours straight I don’t know.

I've found the opposite to be true (that NOT sleeping through the night is what is seen as 'the norm') 🤷‍♀️

@Georgia I'm not 100% sold on the idea but have never regretted it after waking up after a nice unbroken sleep. My partner is absolutely against it so we compromise, and if neither of us can get him back to sleep with hands on settling or rocking then he'll come back to bed with me.

2 years and counting!!! Normal over here

My 15 month old still wakes up throughout the night.

Thank you everyone! I knew that it couldn’t just be me but sometimes it feels like it. There’s a lot of heavy sleeping/very relaxed babies in my circles it seems! Whereas mine is a very very active 7 month old who’s already crawling and pulling himself up on things, I tell myself his brain must be ticking over lots and he must be learning too many fun things to want to sleep through!

9 month old here. Still wakes twice during the night. Some nights will be worse and can be up 3-4 times usually when he's teething. I dream about the day he sleeps through the night 😂

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Mine work every 2 hours for 3.5 years.

For 4 months to almost 10 months my son woke up at 10 times a night sometimes every 20 minutes. And wasn’t until he was around 2 that he only wake once a night

10mo and still likes snacking all night especially when there's a growth spurt or teething.

Oh I have a 16month old who goes down between 5-6pm and still wakes up twice overnight and morning wake up time is between 630-730. Am not too fused about it. They will sleep through when they are ready.

Not in Australia but it came up on my feed… Both my boys age 3.5years and 20months, still wake in the night, granted not every night but at least one of them will wake in the night every night… if the want a drink, a cuddle, a teddy bear, tucking back in… it’s normal for them to wake up thirsty or want a cuddle. How many adults actually sleep through every night? i know i don't, i get up to get a drink, use the toilet, wake up cold or uncomfortable…

We have a 14 month old who may from time to time sleep through the night for a week then go back to waking 1-3 times a night. Sometimes short wakes and sometimes fawake for a couple of hours. It’s totally normal and I kind of expect it to last another few years yet!

Do you follow @infantsleepscientist on Instagram? She really helped me with understanding/accepting that every babe has different needs and temperaments and that her sleep was completely normal for her. My girl is 21months and mostly sleeps through now but can still wake 1 to 2 times a night.

19 month old still wakes 3-8x during the night!!!

It is scientifically and biologically normal for babies to wake multiple times at this age. Your baby will eventually sleep longer stretches but the first year they go through so many developmental milestones. Then add on teething and individual temperament/personality sleep is inevitably affected.

Don't worry about those ones.. you just tend to hear from them than you would hear from normal ppl like us! My first born was waking up every 2 hours until just before 14months!!.. then her sleep finally got longer then we hit another storm, sickness and teething back to back and finally slept through around 15 months. She was still breastfed to sleep for day nap until she stopped breastfeeding at 25months. So she was never a daycare baby. You're both doing AMAZING getting 4 hours at 7months. My second bub now she's atleast given me a 4hours sleep for the first stretch then it's 2 hourly so I'm grateful

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