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Hi all, need some help / advice on baby monitors. We've had 2 V-tech ones now and each time they've only lasted less than 6 months. The camera keeps losing connection to the parent unit / monitor and the app. Both times we've factory reset them but they still lose connection so at the moment we have no way of keeping an eye on our little one when he naps and goes to bed. We can hear him from our room as his nursery is only across the small landing from us but when we are downstairs watching TV, it would be nice to keep an eye on him rather than keep on pausing / muting the TV because we think we can hear him. Any advice on which ones to look into. Nothing too expensive as we've not been able to get our money back for the second monitor and nothing V-tech please as we've just lost all faith in those now. Thanks in advance
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Hey we use the bt smart baby monitor and have had no issues! It was my cousins and she kindly gave us it and her little one is 3 now and she also had no issues with it so I’d say the lifetime of it is reliable!

I’ve been using this one for nearly 3 years and had no issues. It’s currently only £45 on Amazon which is a bargain. I have even added a second camera to it when baby number 2 came along xx

We use the CuboAi with the sensor mat and it’s the best thing! Adapts for rooms too so once out of cot it can monitor a child’s whole bedroom and it’s super responsive and does all the sleep reports, roll over/face covered alerts, cough and cry alerts and same with the sensor mat, really responsive and sends alerts quickly

@Megan I never thought to look at that one as it never really came up in my searches. Thank you. I'll do some research on it.

@Kirsty Sounds like a really good one but it's a little out of our budget.

@Rebecca Thank you. I'll do some research

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