Hi, does anyone know if exclusively pumping can still hold your periods off? Or is it different as you haven’t got the physical contact from the baby on your boob? I’m not too sure x
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It’s the same however you’re ‘extracting’ the milk

I exclusively pumped and started getting my periods back once i stopped pumping at night time/longer periods.

Yes it can do, I had my first period at 8.5 months post partum after going down to three pumps per day. However it doesn't definately mean you'll not have periods, i know some mamas who got theirs back at around 10 weeks 😩

I exclusively pumped for just under a year and didn’t get mine back until 2 months after I completely stopped.

I’ve pumped for 13 months and currently just morning/ night and in process of dropping morning but still no period but know it can vary as I’ve had friends exclusively BF and get theirs back sooner. X

I exclusively pumped since day 1 and got my first period 6 weeks postpartum

Exclusive pumper here, 7 months pp and pumping 3x a day now- still no period, it's wonderful 😊

Varies so much depending on your own body and hormones as others have said, I know people who breastfed and got their periods back a couple months in and I pumped for 17 months and got my period back 3 months after stopping. No guarantees either way

Mine came back at 7 weeks pp despite exclusively pumping

@Lizzi Wow you got to 17 months that’s amazing - any tips on keeping it going?

I pumped exclusively for 7months with my daughter. Stopped pumping in July and first period end of September..

@Leah to be honest I didn’t feel I had a choice , he has a lot of allergies and we could never find a formula that worked so until he was settled on oat milk I carried on but looking back I wish I had maybe stopped a bit earlier. Don’t put pressure on yourself if pumping fits in with your life ok then carry on but if it’s affecting you too much then no need to punish yourself. My 2 year old now eats chips and chocolate and is healthy as ever 😅😅

@Lizzi Thank you, I love pumping but at times it can be hard can’t it. Especially on tougher days, as you feed and then need to find the time to pump too especially if baby is wanting to be really close to you. Time just flys and then they’re onto their next feed! I always said I’ll keep going with BF/pumping as long as my mental health is ok 🤍

@Leah absolutely hun, right way to look at it. I took one day at a time, wanted to make to to 6 months then just took it week by week. My actual tips would be- Invest in a couple of good pumping bras, buy multiple pump parts and bottles to save having to rush to wash up, follow some pumping experts on Instagram, and be flexible with your pumping schedule wherever possible else you’ll find it hard to leave the house. I also used the fridge hack which not everyone is comfortable with Pumping pages I followed were: baremotherhood, bemybreastfriend, onewiththepump (all American)

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