How are you serving meat to your littles? I was veggie up until recently so I’m not super confident cooking it and he hates the purées with meat in. All he’s had so far is mince mixed with other foods 🫣
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I served my little girl steak strips and she loved it, if you’re not confident cooking meat you should get a meat thermometer 🥰

Large chunks so he can grasp it in his fist. Solid Starts app (if you haven't already got it) is useful for size guides.

We've just started fish but aren't rushing meat as it takes so long to digest. I don't think he needs it or is ready xx

@Ellen was your little one ok chewing it? Xx

I am doing mince in things like bolgnaise and shepherds pie etc. I cook it in a seperate pan to the veg so I can break it all up before adding it to the rest of the mix (sometimes I will also put it through the blender if it is still too lumpy) x

@Jessica she didn’t really chew it, just sucked all the juices out and gummed it which means they still get all the nutrients

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