Anyone still struggling with all day nausea or sickness

Been like this since 5 weeks and over 18 weeks now just drained and feel like it’s never going to end 😩!
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I’m 23 weeks currently and still have all day morning sickness. Your dr can help with some tablets although they don’t cure it all together it does give you a little break from throwing up constantly. Speak to your gp and discuss hyperemesis.

I have been diagnosed with HG ( 22 weeks now) and still having nausea all day even on meds. It is draining and taking away from me trying to enjoy this pregnancy.

I have only just overcome this and I’m 18+5 still can be hit and miss but I’ve pops kind of helped me, hydrating and fruity taste helped keep my stomach under control! I’ve took 4 different tablets and they all made me worse in other ways.

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