Outfits for spring!

Hi Ladies, I was just wondering how people are dressing their babies for the spring weather! Given the weather is around lows of 10 degrees which still feels quite cold but then plans to go up to nearer to 20 at the high points in the day! Xx
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I find this such a struggle! Especially having a baby born in January I’m constantly worried he’s going to get cold but then find him getting too hot!

My little one is in a dungeree with a long sleeve vest, long sleeve tshirt, long socks(come up to his knees) and then a body warmer and a hat plus some little shoes

If he was indoors at home then id lose the shoes and body warmer, if again he was getting warm I have the option to rake the tshirt off ☺️

Mine is in short sleeve bodysuit, sleepsuit or outfit and socks

Think also depends on the baby as my little one runs very warm so she is plenty warm in a short sleeve vest, long sleeve top, then a light cardigan if we go out. The other day I even had to take the cardigan off as she was too warm. So I think it really does depend on your baby :)

My baby tends to be warm and always has sweaty feet 😂 so I tend to dress him in a short sleeved baby grow with a jumper and trousers, or a long sleeved baby grow with dungarees. I still put a hat and coat on if we go out but he tends to get warm in the extra layers.

Thank you everyone! I’m doing quite similar to some of the posts above, so it’s helpful to know other mums are doing similar things! Xx

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