Am I going on maternity leave too early?

I work in the health professional role in the community and I always have to go around, which gets stressful, I intend to go on leave in May, but I feel like anytime I bring it up people expect me to work more into my due month(July), and I feel passively judged. More context(I’m high risk, and I am really looking forward to taking the time off to prepare for baby.
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This is my second July baby. The first time I wanted to work till 39 weeks. But due to high risk and complications I ended up on sick leave from week 34 and then started May leave week 39 This time I have same risks. I work in healthcare too and it’s exhausting. I’m going to try and work till end of June. I want as much time as possible with baby on the other side. That being said, things can always change towards that time.

This is my second July baby. First time I left at 37 weeks, had 1 week off then she arrived at 38 weeks. Did not have much time to relax lol. This time I’m hoping to leave end May so would have 6 weeks if I get to 40 weeks. I work mainly from home, am not high risk but I don’t need to justify my decision to anyone and nor do you - who cares what people’s reactions are- it’s your body and your decision ❤️

You know your own body and it’s not like you do an office based job . There’s a reason you can start maternity earlier and not just before the due date .

I am also medical in the NHS, I have just come off frontline duties, I pushed it out as long as I could but lifting patients and coming into contact with aggressive people etc was taking its toll and I found it too risky. They have found me an office job to do until my maternity. They did a risk assessment with me as soon as they found out I was pregnant and said if things change or I don't feel I am coping they would do another one. Would your line manager consider moving you away from patients if you would want to stay working for a while longer? I am using annual leave to finish 3 or 4 weeks before my due date. My worry with going to maternity leave too soon was having less time with baby at the other end. Don't worry about what other people think, this is exhausting without having a stressful job on top of it. And we are going to be heavily pregnant in the height of summer which I imagine is going to be a nightmare. X

I am going on mat leave as soon as I can ! I do a job which requires all day on feet / walking etc. it takes it toll & I also think we should be allowed to go on mat leave earlier if we wanted. As I would have already been on it. I’m struggling & everyone’s bodies are diff should be up to us to decide 🙌🏼🙏🏼

I’m due on the 7th of July. Starting maternity on the 27th of May, but using annual leave to leave on the 24th of April. Work in a supermarket doing nights / 15,000 steps a shift. I’ve been getting terrible round ligament pain only when at work for weeks. I think the whole team especially the 2 mangers can see how miserable i am. I get my bare minimum jobs done and then just go home. When I told them I might be leaving earlier than perhaps the average person they were like, it’s a good idea your life is about to drastically change so take that time to chill out, get ready, and not have a opposite sleeping schedule to the rest of my household.

Girl I’m so fed up and stressed over my job so I’m leaving 2nd May, baby isn’t due until July 😭😂 getting stuck in with nesting, renovating my house but chilling aswell! That is my annual leave tho and then my mat leave starts beginning of June. You do you, everyone’s pregnancy is different and I’ve just had enough!

I’m doing the same. Starting mat leave on 3rd June. Will be 33 weeks. I work in a school with SEN kids so can be quite stressful and want to leave as early as possible. Listen to your body, it’s no one’s business when you decide to go x

With my first I took 4 weeks annual leave then started my maternity leave from week 38 but was off from 34 weeks and I’m pleased as my waters broke at week 35 😅 I work for myself now but will be stopping 4 weeks before again x

Fuck em. Your body, your life, your leave. We spend too much of our lives working. This is the time not to give 2 fucks about work.

Second July baby here 🙋🏻‍♀️ I understand wanting as much time with baby when they are here but with my first I booked 3 weeks off work before my due date and didn’t get ONE SINGLE DAY because she came 3 weeks early 😭. In fact I was working while in labour cleaning up last minute things and it was horrible. I felt so unprepared since I didn’t have that relax time. I’m not making that mistake this time! I’m due end of July, ending work just over 4 weeks before my due date.

I’m due in July too and I thought you know what, let me take it as early as I can to enjoy the last final months of just me time and I’m already on mat leave✌🏼 first week in and loving it already☺️

I’m due 12th and was originally planning on working till the 5th July due to getting 6 months full pay and would have struggled with statutory. Taking 6 weeks annual leave at the end of my maternity. Now I’m in a bit of a different situation money wise and can take the 9 months off Due to my annual leave running April to April I will be keeping my maternity date as 5th July but using annual leave from 24th may x

I know exactly what you mean! I work with SEN kids at a school and I’m taking my mat leave from the 28th of April and I’m due July 12th. I don’t get annual leave so cannot use that. I do find myself over explaining as to why I am leaving end of April to people who ask. Now I don’t even explain when people ask, I know why that date suits me best, so who cares about these people who I most probably will never see again

Im due 17th July. Starting mat leave 7th May. X

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