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Nearly 9 months having 210ml bottles x4 a day plus breakfast, dinner and tea maybe snack randomly How much are you giving your baby? Hand full of pasta with sauce? Couple of crisps, fruit? 😊
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(For Americans who don’t wanna do the math I looked it up for us, it’s about 7oz) that’s what my daughter drinks a day. My daughter is a FOOOOOD baby. She’s constantly eating.. don’t ask me where she puts it all cuz this give eats more then her 2 yo brother lol she says all she meals, but she loves snacking all day as well. She’s constantly signing food to me haha. Somehow she’s still such a small girl tho haha


That sounds about right!

My son's meals are bigger than mine since I'm trying to lose weight, but he doesn't eat all of it. 20-24 oz (4x 180ml typically) of milk at 10 months. 99th percentile weight/ 92nd for height. Breakfast: 1 toast, French toast or pancake with lots of butter, 1/4-1/2 cup of fruit, 1/4 cup yogurt or cottage cheese typically. Lunch: 1 sandwich (grilled cheese, turkey and cheese, egg salad, tuna), tomato, fruit. Dinner: wildly varies but always has a meat, starch and vegetable.

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