In agony

I’m 34 weeks pregnant was at hospital alday yesterday getting checked over, baby’s head is engaged, found out yesterday before that she was deep down in pelvis, I’m in agony! I know it’s normal but I can’t sleep at all At night, with pressure down below, pains going up and down my legs, back pain, rib pain, I can’t get comfortable at all, I’m basically living with hot water bottles and in the bath, I dnt know how I’m going to Cope another 6 weeks, no one understands the pain I’m n and makes me feel like I’m being dramatic with no sleep and the pain I feel like shit.
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Sorry to hear that 😞 I hope you’re not working at least x

@Charis I stop for my maternity 18th, but my works let me take time of and use my holidays jst now, I’m really struggling as much as I feel so lucky to be carrying a healthy baby im so sore xxx

I feel exactly the same! So thankful that baby girl is growing and healthy but I’m so uncomfortable😭 just want her here now! Don’t know how I’ll cope another month

Honestly @Lynsey im in exactly the same position and now at 36 weeks, it started around 2 weeks ago for me and I had no idea how I would continue but just try to keep positive and we're all very nearly there. Dealing with head engaged and dropping is so so hard, Ive also got a fidgety one that has been hurting me plenty from the inside but we've all got this!

Thank yous I feel all I do is moan and complain at home and no one’s bothered all they see is me moaning! Iv tried pregnancy pillows, walks, warm bath, everything possible to try, my due date seems a life time away wen im in this pain daily, and now im struggling walking with the pressure pains, xxx

Have you tried a pregnancy massage? They can be a bit expensive but they are amazing! I’ve had them quite frequently whenever I’ve felt sciatica coming on or sore back/ neck/ legs and they’ve really worked x

@Marissa yeah iv been having them since 28 weeks pregnant get one a month this is my 3rd pregnancy so my backs been sore quite early on, my next ones in 2 weeks can’t come quick enough but my last one 2 weeks ago never helped as Much as it did in the beginning xxx

I also feel your pain mama I feel pressure around my clit or vagina when i sit on the loo, i have intense pressure around my bikini line area and lower. Im 34+1 nand i have a daughter who turned 2 in Jan who im trying to potty train so lots of up down and sitting on the floor cant get back up easily. When i told my sister i was in pain she goes youve been in so much pain this pregnancy havent you - unsympathetic almost like ive brought it on myself. Its frustrating bec noone understands or sympathises with me. I hope we all get throthe next few weeks and deliver these babies and all come out healthy at the other end xXx

I really feel for you and I’m in the exact same boat! My father in law said to me the other day that “you’re only pregnant, not ill! I honestly could have swung at him 🤣 No one understands unless you are in the same boat. My GP has prescribed codeine and I have pregnancy massage every 2 weeks. I’m also starting physio next week. Hot water bottle and walking a bit and resting a bit seems to be the only thing that helps. As if I lie down too much my upper back hurts but if I walk too much the pelvis pressure hurts too much. I have started going swimming (more like floating ) once a week which takes a lot of pressure off the pelvis! Until you get out and almost fall over 🤣 I’m here if you need to talk ❤️ xx

Thank yous all, makes me Feel better knowing I’m not the only one and yous feel the same, iv also had that ur only pregnant not I’ll, We will all get there it’s a struggle and hard, Each day is a new day and I’m honestly counting them down 🙈 hope they go in fast xxx

I feel ya same here ! Its Terrible

Same for me 😩 I’m not sleeping at all I need him here now I can’t cope

34 weeks here too and I’m the exact same! It’s really a struggle. Maternity leave in 2 weeks thank god

Time seems to be dragging In 🙈 xxx

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