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Hi all, can you please share the good and the bad of when your little one started nursery ? Is there anything you would have done differently? I am sure my baby girl will be ok but I am just panicking and trying to think of all the scenarios. The anxiety of returning work doesn’t help either so any help is massively appreciated x
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How old is your little one? One thing that can be helpful (obvs only if possible depending on age) is making sure they’re confident to ask for help or approach the teacher as this can be quite daunting and will reassure you know they are able to ask! My son was only 1 when starting the childminder though and tbh he loved it from the word go. Advice my childminder gave me is on drop off never sneak off when they’re distracted as then it makes them uncertain, it’s much better for them to learn you say good bye and you always come back. They get used to it so quickly, kids are so adaptable x

Thank you @Isobel ! My baby girl will be 10.5 months when she starts xx

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