Would you still go in to work?

I don’t know what to do. It’s my first day back at work tomorrow after my maternity leave. But I have a upset stomach/stomach bug. For the last week I have been having diarrhoea and feeling nauseous and weak. I don’t want to leave them short staffed. But I am really scared I won’t be able to make it to the toilet. Also calling my manager last minute I know she will go mad
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You can't help being sick. Plus, if it's a stomach bug, you risk passing it around. Best to stay at home. It's not your fault if they are short staffed and can't cover sickness.

@Kelly my manager thinks you can :( that people should just look after their health more. I tried to call her just now but she said she’s in a meeting and will call me later. Issue is that she may not call me till evening which will make things worse as less chance of getting cover :( I am just so lost

That really sucks! I'm sorry she's like that. It doesn't matter how much you look after your health, everyone gets sick at some point! Your manager sounds ridiculous! It's not your job to get cover if you are sick. You need to look after yourself first, like your manager says, people need to look after their health more. Going in and spreading a stomach bug around can risk more people being off. You don't owe them anything.

@Kelly thank you so much for your message. I really needed to hear this :( This has started about a week ago, but I was fine and then started again today. I just called again and she said it’s because I’m panicking about returning back to work which made me feel really bad :( I said it’s probably something I ate as I’m not stressed but then she was saying how I need to becareful with what I eat then from next week, as it doesn’t look good as I’m just returning back and I called in sick already.

I’m just feeling really bad

If you have a stomach bug don’t go in. I would be fuming if someone knowingly passed me a sickness bug when they could have stayed at home. It’s not your fault you’re ill, it happens🤷‍♀️ they’ve managed without you whilst you’ve been on maternity leave so they can manage another 48 hours to ensure that you’re okay, and that germs are not being spread around the work place.

@Meaghan that’s what I feel I’d rather someone be off instead of passing the bug. But I just felt even more bad when she said it’s because I’m panicking and that it doesn’t look good to call in sick right after maternity leave :(

She's guilting you into going back in so she doesn't need to find cover! She's being a terrible manager, completely irresponsible! I understand why you feel guilty, I'm exactly the same when I call in sick. But I don't think any less of my colleagues when they call in sick. Look after yourself. Your health is far more important than any job will ever be.

Oh, and hope you feel better soon!

@Kelly I did say something along the lines If I do go in, it’s gonna be embarrassing as I’d need to keep going to the bathroom. And then she said I can’t go in with d&v anyway. So I dunno why she lectured me :( This has never happened to me in the past, it’s the first ever time. And then she says it’s because I am panicking it just made me feel like I’m so silly. So I tried to say it’s probably the food I had and she says I need to be careful with what I eat, like no one eats out? It just made me feel so terrible and now I’m worried she will tell everyone that I didn’t go because I am panicking:(

For stomach bugs your not meant to be around anyone until you have gone 48 hours without being sick or diarrhoea as they are highly contagious. Maybe point this out to your manager. You can't control a stomach bug, any chance you could speak to a Dr about just to get a sick note or something for your manager to back up what your saying? Im pretty sure your manager isn't legally allowed to make comments like that when you say you are sick. Also you don't have to have eaten something to catch a stomach bug you just need to have used the same bathroom as someone who already has it you can literally catch it from just touching something someone else has that has bug.

Nahh, you’re supposed to call out when you’re sick!

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