LH tracking help - letrozole

Hello! I’m taking letrozole this cycle and have been told to track my peak. I’m a super hydrated girly and don’t know if that’s why i have never got a peak in the day but what is even going on here? I had my follicle scan this week and they told me they predict I would ovulate today but it is still really low? Does anyone have any tips/advice on what to do other than keep tracking and hoping? I kind of have no idea…
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I'm on Letrozole and I experience the same thing. I also have very diluted urine, so think it must be that, as I've had blood tests in the past that confirmed I'm ovulating and I did a pdg test this month that said I ovulated too, but I've not had positive LH test

Did they tell you that you ovulate early? Most people ovulate between CD 12-14 and the peak will come on really fast

@Sarah maybe it is that? It’s very strange!

@Jae🌝 she just said I looked ready to ovulate and that she’d written down that my estimated ovulation will be today (CD11) but I am really questioning it. From the Clear blue ovulation tests I’ve done before I got my peak on days 13 or 14 so unless letrozole changes that?

I would just keep testing, I don’t usually ovulate until day 18/19. Keep testing twice a day, I test around 11am and then again around 5pm. Been told never to test on first wee in the morning for ovulation tests. Hope this helps abit. Good luck 💕

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