Hey! First time mum to be and due 7th Dec. I have read online I need to take folic acid. Can anyone recommend which vitamins they are taking? I’m thinking of buying pregnacare Max. Thanks! X
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I take pregnacare with the omega 3 in it (as I'm vegetarian). My midwife seemed happy with that choice.

I just bought normal supermarket folic acid as it's the same strength as pregnacare x

Thanks both!

I have the boots folic acid and vitamin D x

I bought normal supermarket folic acid but when I saw my midwife, because my bmi is over 30 I had to be prescribed a higher dose from my gp x

Thank you!

I have tesco folic acid and omega 3 x

I tried pregnacare and I didn’t sit well with me, I bought Holland & Barrett Folic Acid & Vit D combined :)

I bought seven seas own x

I’m using proceive first trimester and omega 3. They are also vegan and on amazon!

I’m taking the pregnacare max as it has folic acid, vitamin D and omega 3!

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