Milk ladder???

I was wondering if anyone could help me. My son is nearly 13 months and I’m looking at starting to introduce cows milk again. (Advised to start around this age during NHS weaning webinar at 5 months) where do I start? What foods would you introduce first, any brands that are good to start with?
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We were recommended to start with a malted milk biscuit. If you search online milk ladder it will bring up the process and what foods are introduced at each stage. You only move onto the next stage once they’re fully tolerating the stage you’re on. If they don’t tolerate one you go back to the previous stage for a bit longer. It’s hard work but it’s not forever x

Do you have the milk ladder? It’s recommended you start with a corner of a malted milk biscuit ❤️ and they also recommend home made foods so you give them the correct amount of dairy at a time 🥰 we tried and failed 3 times before finally completing it at the beginning of this year! I wish you all the luck! ❤️

Malted biscuits, bread things that have low milk content and baked

Thank you so much everyone. I’m so scared to start. If anyone has anymore advice that would be great!!! I’m one anxious mama ❤️

Don't think I have any specific advise per say, but I was so nervous to start but my little guy has been amazing. I followed the steps from the NHS Kingston hospital milk ladder which you can download online and it has some homemade recipe options too. He's now drinking regular full fat cows milk and he loves it. It has made sharing my food with him that much easier too

Oh and one piece of advice from our dietician was not to spend toooo long on each step. Babies get sick all the time and it's hard to know what is the allergy or what is unrelated sickness. Hope it goes well for you x

@Tasha one step at a time is my only advice ❤️ and puppy pads under bed sheets and on the floor also if your little one is like mine was and vomits as part of a reaction! 🙈

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