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My little girl has just been prescribed aptamil pepti 1 and she was on sma lactose free before this and was doing amazing on it but now it’s prescribed the doctor has given me the aptamil and it’s a lot thinner than the sma is this normal. My little girl is coughing/choking when feeding. It’s just draining me emotionally that we’ve tried so many things and I don’t want to be making her unwell 😩
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Also i have noticed a lot in the group but if your not under a dietitian for the CMPA i would contact the GP. We first got this milk and had so many issues including weight loss and then i was told by another doctor we should of had a referral (which we did not). they should be when prescribed this milk. Hope you get it sorted soon as i can remember these days where so stressful but it gets better!

@Rachel oh brilliant thank you for that because I had no idea this stuff even existed! I’ll go to my chemist tomorrow and see if they have any, thank you so much it’s really difficult I mean she doesn’t suffer to need gaviscon thankfully xx

@Rachel they haven’t referred us as of yet as he said to try out this milk first and if it works he would refer her, it’s really difficult because they have had me try so many things and then all haven’t worked and she’s been in pain or suffering with terrible belly ache and diarrhoea it’s been awful but I’ll definitely keep this in mind to push for thank you so much xx

Hey mommy’s sorry if you get notifications so late as it’s half past midnight! Up with my baby as he’s so unsettled as won’t take his aptamil pepti I thought this that it’s very thin he kind of chokes drinking it he’s used to kendamil but he’s constantly sick and has bad eczema on his face and the runs so I’m trying to persevere but it’s exhausting 😫 he’s 8 months old next week but finding this milk hard to get on with I’ve added vanilla essence it doesn’t make. Much of a difference I’ve heard Neocate is meant to be better as doesn’t reallly smell or taste bad. Hoping my baby takes to it properly soon we’ve been waiting for our referral for 2 months now

Hi @Samantha 🌸 I hope you’re well Just wondering if you have received the referral for Neocate.. Just saw your message and wanted to check because our baby is on Neocate and we found it really smelly and horrific taste😩

The same here @Jen . Horrific experience with this product.

@Samantha Hey girl, Well I’ve just had a nightmare with this milk my girl has been on this milk for about 3 weeks and it’s just got worse really she’s been choking a lot because it was too thin & she’s had the constant trumps and I mean badly! But still full of wind and she hates the taste, yesterday was the final straw when she was screaming in pain most of the day with belly ache so I have put her back onto the sma lactose free milk which she was on before and was doing great on but then the doctor wanted her on the aptamil on prescription tbh I’d rather pay for the milk than her be how she’s been. I hope your little one is ok ❤️

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