Overwhelmed by people

Anyone else feel SO overwhelmed by people since having a baby? Even my own family… everyone constantly wants to come round and hold baby or FaceTiming to see baby or if I go round there, they want to hold baby 24/7 and I don’t even get a look in. People even want to push the pram…. AHHHH. 🤣🤣
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Me !!!!!! So glad not just me that feels this way

I just find it hard to see all the grandparents regularly, if a week goes by and my MIL or my mum havent had they baby they are upset (not badly just that they miss her) but there arent enough days in the week! I want weekends for the 3 of us, then a few days are for classes etc but we need lazy days too not always to be making the baby go here there and everywhere

@CeeCee this!!

I had friends round for a bbq over the weekend and I would usually love hosting and cooking and socialising. Instead, I was a nervous wreck rushing to get everything ready and then being overwhelmed with everyone wanting to see the baby. To use her as an excuse that I have to go feed her now or she needs to go for a nappy change or naptime.... I felt so guilty that I basically ignored everyone and hid in my own house and wishing they would all just leave. Just for me to spend the rest of my evening cleaning up. Ya let's not do that ever again. I spend all day at home with fomo but as soon as I leave the house I want to be home again. Just so I can focus on her she takes up all of my attention.

I wish more friends had been in touch and my family is overseas! Some friendships change after babies…

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