Anyone else miss being pregnant?

NOT ME!!!不不 I can sleep on my stomach again I can drink I can just hop outta bed And best part I can hug and kiss on my beautiful babay!!!!!
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@Chanelle lol I know you can't wait

Im with you here!!!!

Same but I do miss feeling her tiny movements though!!

Not even remotely!

Maam I now have an attitude with you. we got beef until I can like this message. 拎不

Definitely dont miss it lol

@Columbia lmaooo and you gon be real mad in about another 3 weeks when you get closer to that fedup feeling ready to evict lol but enjoy your pregnancy it's a beautiful thing

不 Im already there

I got 3 weeks tops and Im having a c section so I wont even feel as good as you do唐苞ongratulations tho

I'm so envious! Can't wait to have my little boy in my arms too 歹

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