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Just those thoughts you know aren't rational but you feel anyways. I hate seeing other women posting about how they have "20 weeks left! 12 weeks left" etc because of my high risk pregnancy I'll most likely have another preemie. I have no idea when I'll give birth. I wish I could be excited and count down the days but I can't. A completely selfish and unfair thing for me to feel but I can't help it. Anyone else feel like being vulnerable? Can be a parenting confession too.
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I totally get that, it's a sense of jealousy with being confident in pregnancy. My first was a preemie, he came 6 weeks early due to PPROM. My second was classified high risk so I could get extra monitoring, and I was so scared the entire that he'd come early again. I got more scared near the end of my pregnancy than excited and it sucked. It's okay to feel your feelings, it's a rough emotional time. Praying for you and baby 💕

I get it, they picked up at the 20 week scan part of my sons bowel was on the outside so he’d have to have surgery as soon as he was born and I was miserable for the rest of my pregnancy having to have scans and blood tests every week and jealous of everyone else having a normal pregnancy. Everything is fine now and my son is amazing but you can’t help how you feel at the time!

I had a friend who had an abortion just bcs it didn’t work out with her and the guy she’s been seeing for quite literally 2 dates while me and my husband struggled with infertility and trying for over 2 years. I’m very pro your body your call but I just felt like that was so unfair at the time

I'm jealous of everyone who is like "Im going into labour". I want to meet my baby too!

@Michelle trust me not this early you don’t! Just say to yourself I am glad I am not meeting my baby yet as they wouldn’t be very well and I couldn’t take them home I’d have to be separated from them while they’re in Nicu. Your time will come when baby is ready! 😊

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