Premom ovulation testing

Hi All I am TTC and after 18 months of nothing happening I’ve decided to do ovulation testing. Each time the results seem to come back very low and I’m feeling a little deflated. Is it normal to have such low levels everyday? I’m hoping it rises by the weekend as that’s when ovulation is suppose to peak.
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It's normal to have low levels until the peak, some people get a very quick rise and peak and then it goes down again very quickly. How long are your cycles normally? You said ovulation is supposed to occur over the weekend so I guess your cycles are a bit longer than average? One thing I note is that you're not testing very often and not very consistently. As you approach your predicted ovulation time I would be testing 2-3times per day. Avoid first thing in the morning, aim for about 10am, 4pm and 10pm or there abouts. This will give a good idea of what your lh is doing. If you have a very fast peak, and you're only testing every 36 hours (like from CD 13 to cd14) you may miss it. Good luck

I’d agree with what Charley is saying, but also I would disregard the ‘low’ readings because CD13 could have actually been your peak - it’s almost as dark as the control line so it makes me think you have just missed it by not testing at the right time/as often as you should. Test at 10am (LH levels are highest as this time) don’t drink much beforehand. Test at the same time everyday, and test twice a day if you want to. I had a very quick surge, so my tests would go from very faint, to very dark, to very faint again. It’s also worth tracking your body basal temp as this will confirm and pinpoint ovulation (OPKs do not).

I think that you've missed your peak was in the afternoon of cycle day 13

I agree. Unless your cycles are extra long, I think you were headed towards a peak after your CD 13 reading, but you missed it b/c you didn't test again for 36 hours.

It's hard so I've been tracking my cycles and I usually get a positive LH it's been cycles day 12-14. Don't rely too too much on the tests to start to try and get pregnant. Sperm can live anywhere from 3-5 days in your fertile window. You want it waiting for your egg.

@Danielle this isn't a positive I would say, the test line is not as dark as the control line yet. Just keep testing until your period so you have a full cycle of data

Yeah, that test definitely isn't positive. I couldn't tell you what "number" it should be, but low-ish seems accurate to me.

@Stephanie @Charley @Taylor thank you ladies you know when you just really want it to be high I think my mind plays tricks with me

No problem I have a quick surge so when my tests are this dark as yours is it will most likely be positive the next day. Everybody's body is different 😊

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