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I feel like a completely failure when my husband helps with chores. It’s not fair to him that I get upset when he helps (there’s literally nothing to complain about with how he cleans) and it’s not fair to me getting so distressed over this or thinking I have to do everything. My mom said I should make a chore chart so I feel better about this. I stay home so I’m picking up all day, manager out 2 yo and I’m in my third trimester. I felt this way before getting pregnant but it’s getting more intense. He is WFH. Has anyone else felt this way?
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A chore chart would help your self esteem. Make a list of the things you have achieved and got done. A well done list rather than a to do list! That was my daily homework from my hypnobirthing teacher actually. If you are feeling bad accepting help this indicates some self esteem, perfectionist or maybe even codependency issues. But maybe you have just seen too many toxic messages via social and other media about women needing to do it all. You are worthy and deserving of his help! You got this! Even if he worked outside of the home its still fair for him to help. If he was single he would need to pick up after himself after working full time, remind yourself of that!

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