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Has anyone had a HSG test done for diagnosing fertility issues? What was your experience? Did it hurt? I’m worried because I’m going to have one done and don’t know what to expect. I would appreciate any advice!
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Yes, I have. It hurt towards the end the most for me. It felt like really bad period cramps.

The only part that really hurt for me was when the dye was injected but it only lasted like 15 seconds! I really freaked myself out prior to the procedure and now looking back it really wasn’t as bad as I thought. I just breathed through it and I also took 800mg ibuprofen beforehand. It was really quick! The prep takes longer than the actual procedure

The whole process is very quick. I feel like you cramp a little when they put in the dye, but its no worse than a period cramp, in my opinion. You may have a tiny bit of dye run or some blood after, so bring a panty liner.

I just had one done for the 1st time about 2 weeks ago and it was painful for what I thought was a minute during the procedure as dye was injected. It started like a dull cramp pain then it increased and I wasn’t expecting that but it was over quick enough. I did not have any blockage or anything thankfully. The nurse handed me some Motrin to take before it and I chose not to take it but I think I should’ve because it did hurt. When I got home I had really bad cramps for about 2 days but my best friend had one done too before and she only felt minimal pain while the procedure was done. So everyone is different. I suggest taking something before to help just in case. Good luck with everything! 🫶🏼

I had one done 2 years ago and it was a bit uncomfortable but no pain. I don’t know if it was coincidence but I got pregnant right after that. Some research shows it can increase your chance to conceive by 30%

@Mara I just found out I’m pregnant (yesterday) and I had an HSG on 4/3 so I think there’s truth to this!

@Giselle congratulations 🎉 I have HSG scheduled on Friday, we are trying for baby #2 so I hope it will help again

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