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Currently 13 month pp, I feel as though my attraction to my husband has diminished almost entirely as of late. We barely ever have sex, maybe once per month. We have tried spicing it up here and there but I just haven’t felt much of an attraction towards him for some time. Any advice? Sometimes it feels like he doesn’t put in much effort.
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how is his effort with your baby? does he help around the house a lot? i found that the more they help with the kids and around the house the more attracted i am. because they are putting in effort everywhere. And we try to do 1 special thing with eachother each week. like watching a movie together or doing an activity at home. and then every few weeks we go on a date with each other. it was hard at first trying to find time for my partner after having a kid because all your time goes to your baby but putting in the work on both ends to go on dates and so simple cheap activities at home to stay connected with eachother!

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