PCOS and high risk

Hi girls, has anyone managed to be moved from high risk to low risk with PCOS?? I found out today whilst doing my birth plan that I’m down as high risk, even though I’ve been told the whole time I’m low 😪 gutted as I can’t give birth on the midwifery led unit as it stands. She’s said I can have a consultant phone call to see if they are happy to “release me” to the midwives so crossing my fingers for that. Has anybody experienced this?? 🥲
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With my first pregnancy I was high risk because of a spinal issue but the consultant immediately released me back to midwives because it made no difference to baby/birth. I wouldn't see why they wouldn't release you if they've effectively been treating you as low risk this whole time 🤔

What makes PCOS a high risk condition for birthing? What are the risks?

I have PCOS and was low risk until I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes xx

@Natasha makes sense it is not pcos per se it is the insulin resistance that can results from pcos

I honestly have no idea, the whole time they’ve told me I’ve been low risk?!! I’ll have to call back and question it?

I had PCOS for pregnancy and was considered low risk - they didn’t seem to care I had it! I did have a GD test in later weeks because my bump was big, but it was negative. If your bmi is over 30 or if youve had a previous miscarriage they might classify you as higher risk? But definitely challenge it if not.

I’ve got PCOS and have had it with both pregnancies and never been labeled as high risk, I’d pick up with your consultant or midwife to understand the reasoning x

They love to put everyone as high risk. You can decline consultant led care and say ‘I am making an informed decision to be midwife led’, all care is optional and they can’t tell you what to do

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