Milk allergy ?

My daughters poops have been quite runny/stringy/mucous. She had a rash on her cheeks, tummy and neck. I cut out my milk drinking, and yogurt eating, the rash stopped. But. I was still eating cheese, sometimes the odd small glass of milk with spicy foods. Her poos are very smell, and now green. Her gas is also very smelly and there's lots of it. Sleeping or Awake I feel like she's always fasting. She also seems to spit up and swallow it, causing hiccups and discomfort. When breastfeeding she's constantly pulling off and then back on. Sometimes I catch her not breathing when sleeping and she takes a gasp. She coughs and chokes a lot when eating (had a lip and tongue tie as well just released)
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For it to be effective in helping her feel better you have to 100% cut out all dairy and be consistent with it. Having a glass of milk and a piece of cheese sometimes is basically starting back over every time you eat or drink dairy and then it can take a week or more to leave your milk and then it can take also a week or more for baby to feel better and their gut can stay inflamed for a really long time after. Milk is very high in cow milk proteins and would be the most irritating thing to avoid and cheese isn’t too far behind it. I know it sucks and is so hard but if your baby is uncomfortable and you’re wanting to keep breastfeeding then you should cut out all dairy 😭

I understand that, i have celiac. I was unsure if she had a dairy allergy, that's why I wad asking 9n here if it sounds like she does. Otherwise I'm going to do my best to get her to drink soy formula because with my celiac it's already tough enough for my diet. I just have to wait for her lip and tongue tie release to adjust as she isn't taking a bottle. If it's a dairy issue I'll be cutting it out completelty; but by the time it's out of my system I'm hoping she's on the formula bottle

The spit up and swallow and pulling off breast and back on sounds like acid reflux. My boy had that, his poops eventually turned mucusy neon yellow without intervention. Family doctor prescribed some antiacids, smaller but more frequent feeds and sitting up for 30 min after each feed and it had helped.

They are very fidgety if there is dairy in the milk. My baby will wheeze as a reaction

I would speak you your GP regarding reflux too. I also had a baby with CMPI and it isnt great for breastfeeding mothers to cut whole food groups out of their diet willy nilly unless it's necessary. Everyone's experience is different but personally that looks nothing like my daughter's stool when we were in the depths of the allergy days, darker green, lots of mucus and occasional blood were ours, plus eczema and nasal congestion, as well as tummy aches. Free to Feed are an American organisation that specialise in breastfeeding with allergies and debunking the myths surrounding it, highly recommend looking them up 😊

@Charlotte just seen this reply. I saw a pediatrician and it was a dairy allergy.

@Kelsey yes blood and mucus seems to be the give away for cmpi/cmpa. Best of luck! It's a stressful time, but if it's any encouragement my little one completely outgrew hers by the time she was about 11 months old. Hopefully yours is the same xx

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