Six month slump

I have felt so incredibly in love with my son, every single day. It was a real shock and I think I got cocky, just how much I was loving being a mum. I thought I would struggle more emotionally. Then. Like a bolt… my whole heart has changed. I feel suddenly so resentful and angry. It has literally come out of nowhere and I’m shaken. Could this be post partum depression? I’m so afraid of this shift and I’m praying it’s just going to feel better tomorrow. I feel like the worst mother on earth right now.
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Hi sweetie. Also 6 months pp here. First off you're not the worst mother on earth nor are you a bad one! I've read up to 25% of mums get ppd I don't think that many mums can be bad mums. Ppd also doesn't mean you won't love your son or your bond will go. This being said it might just be a bad day. If it continues for 14 days it might be ppd, post partum rage or maybe birth trauma and you should reach out to GP for help then. It's also OK to struggle emotionally, whether it goes into full blown ppd or not. Becoming a mum is one of the biggest life transitions ever. Biggest responsibility of your life all new and hormones through the roof until baby's 2nd birthday is a lot to go through for anyone and you're not alone! Feel free to message me if you want to vent or work through and figure out exactly what is making you feel angry. I hope you feel better tomorrow. If not, splash water on your face, put on favourite music and do what makes you feel good. Look at best pics of you with LO or videos if possible

Let those close to you know you need support and ask if they can send any messages of encouragement

Thanks @Alex This really made me feel better this morning ❤️

There is something called postpartum rage. Rarely talked about but it’s a real thing like PPD.

@Candace oh wow. That’s interesting

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