Suggestions on help to get pregnant

Suggestions on help to get pregnant me and my boyfriend have been together for going on 5 years and we been trying everything for me to get pregnant with my irregular periods I already have a son from a previous relationship what are some suggestions what other people did you get pregnant with irregular periods thanks in advance
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Make sure you go check with your ob that's you don't have yeast infection. If you have clear it out then try at home insemination we're you just have to use the siring twice on peak and ovulation

I had yeast infection with out knowing and it dose effect the sperm movement then I clear it out by medicine that's was giving to me by my oby and then I use at home insemination

You can read about it and try it

Also you can buy something from amazon to see your husband sperm

Make sure you are using opk ovulation prediction kit

Ok thanks I’ll try those

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