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When I’m alone I feel so off, anxious, lonely and vulnerable. When my family is around me and my kids are close I feel safe and secure. I’m having trouble sleeping and rediscovering myself after having children. What can I do?
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Do you live alone? If so I know how that can feel. Just having someone else around is so comforting x

Same! My husband has not worked during the day for over 2 months to be at home with me and my sister has to sleep with me at night. I have trouble sleeping too. God will help us

I’m the same way. I honestly don’t sleep after my husband leaves to work early mornings. And I have the most comfort when I visit my mother and sleep at her place. I always have my toddler with me too. She’s 2 and we have never spent a day or night apart. I’m 40 and as a kid I grew up in a full home. It was what I was use to. When I lived on my own that’s when my real sleeping issues began. I was always afraid home alone. Or even with roommates I preferred my family. Not sure of your situation To advise on what to do… but do you have family? Friends that you can have come stay with you drunk time to time?

I used to be the same. Now I fill the day with my hobbies if I'm not surrounded by friends or family

I struggle with this too. Sometimes I have to figure out ways to do some things for myself that spark joy in order to feel content enough for sleep. It sounds weird but otherwise I’m way too in my own head to sleeep

Therapy will help

I agree therapy but also I don’t sleep well when my husband is at work or away on business at night. One day I will talk him into a dog!

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