Mom guilt sucks.

I went on a date last night, the first time leaving my almost 2 year old. I left her at home with her grandma and my sister. I was gone for 2 hours and had a few drinks, and it was great fun! I came back to put her to sleep. Waking up today, I have this overwhelming guilt for leaving her to do something for myself. I feel selfish. 😪 I feel like I've ruined my bond with her if I leave her. Ugh. Anyone else feel this way?
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You didn’t even leave for an entire night, but only two hours. Don’t feel guilty mama. It’s good to do you sometimes.

Girl. Go out and enjoy! Your baby will be okay. :) you are a mom but you’re an adult as wellll🥳

No! You’re fine, Mama ❤️ I don’t get much help with the kids from dad and I’ve been so stressed out and overwhelmed. I breastfed the baby and LEFT the kids with dad with no explanation or warning so he wouldn’t make me feel bad for it. I left for about 3 hours to get a pedicure, shop, fix my phone, buy myself some flowers, etc. I feel so happy and refreshed! Don’t feel bad at all because you deserve it! ❤️❤️❤️

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